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Chemistry education: Our mission statement

At the Leibniz University Hannover, the faculty of science education has two missions: apart from empirical researchers in science teaching and learning, we are pre-service teacher educators for the high ability stream (Gymnasium) and the vocational stream.

Our work is based on the assumption that contemporary science education is highly oriented towards student-centered activities incorporating real life contexts. Furthermore, we strongly support the objectives of scientific literacy. Research and teaching are based on socio-constructivist views with self-directed learning in learning communities. Within this approach, the integration of novel information and communication technologies is one of our core emphasis, in teaching as well as in research.

Most research projects aim at fostering science education concepts. Empirical investigations are mostly conducted with pre-post-test designs. However, procedural variables are also considered in order to shed ligth on the different learning progression which lead to different results in the pre-post designs.